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Most Frequently Asked Awning Questions

  1. I see more and more awnings, what do they really do?
  2. Can I install the awnings myself ?
  3. Does South Akron Awning Co. provide Put Up, Take Down and Awning Storage services ?
  4. Can I keep my awnings up year round”?
  5. How long will my awnings last?
  6. What about retractable awnings ?
  7. Do you offer aluminum awnings
  8. Do you have complete awnings in stock ?


I see more and more awnings, what do they really do?

  • combine function and elegance with decorative appeal
  • complement the architecture of the building
  • conserve energy by shading windows and reducing solar gain, reducing indoor
    temperatures keeping the building cooler in summer saving cooling costs
  • provide rain protection and extend living space
  • supply round-the-clock identification for commercial buildings
  • distinguish your home from others in the neighborhood
  • add to the character of the building
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Can I install an awning myself ?

It depends, of course, on the size of the awning.  A
simple window awning up to 5 foot width can be installed by one person
with a set of basic homeowner’s tools.  A larger awning will need another person and usually a  ladder.

It depends, on the surface of the building or house.  If the surface is brick, block or stucco, we would recommend that our
trained and experienced installers handle the job, they have all the required tools and hardware needed for a safe and secure

It depends, on the style of awning, if it’s a patio stationary or retractable awning or larger awning then leaving the installation to
the professionals at South Akron Awning Company whose decades of experience would ensure you of not only a professional looking job but a safe and secure one as well.

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Does South Akron Awning provide Put Up, Take Down and Storage
services ?

Yes we do.  Many customers appreciate having experienced
professionals handle all aspects of the awning cycle.  Call the office at 330-848-7611 for service.

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Can I keep my awnings up year round ?

Yes you can but your “awning life” will be reduced.
While we can not absolutely guarantee an average life, the ravages of
heavy winds, ice storms and snows of our Ohio winters certainly will
not benefit your awning.  But, some homeowners fall in love with
the appearance of their home with awnings and are willing to recover
their awnings just a little sooner than normal (remember in most cases
the existing frames can be used over and over).

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How long will my awnings last ?

It all depends on many factors:

  • the style of the awning
  • the awning dimension
  • the direction the awning faces ( a west facing awning will take on the prevailing winds and all the summer
    storms that brings with it)
  • if the awnings are under or near trees (tree sap and with a damp summer and not much drying sun, moss buildup
    could be a problem)
  • For planning purposes, expect a residential awning to last 6
    to 10 years of seasonal use (a normal awning season for our area is
    May- October). Also remember that the awning frame can still be
    used when you recover.
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What about retractable awnings ?

They are very cool, and provide shade when you want it.  Details here.

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Do you offer aluminum awnings ?

Yes we do.

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Do You have complete awnings in stock ?

No.  we are a custom awning manufacturer.  We
fabricate a Custom sized metal frame for your window, door, patio or
deck.  You choose the fabric that YOU believe will look the best
on your house or business. Your house is your biggest investment and a
reflection of your taste and style, so don’t compromise with “cookie
cutter” awnings. Call South Akron Awning Co. for ALL YOUR AWNING NEEDS.

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