Serving Equipment
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Coffee Makers30 cups$9.35
58 cups$10.50
100 cups $12.00
Chafers with Sterno fuel
6 qt. round$13.50
8 qt. oblong$14.00
Extra pan inserts$4.50
Extra Sterno (about 2 hrs)$1.50
Roaster Oven 18qt$17.50
Stainless Steel Bowls8 qt$2.00
13 qt.$3.00
Stainless Steel Trays15"$2.50
Revolving salad Server with Ladles 13 qt$10.50
Plastic Salad Bowl 20 qt.$3.85
Thermal Server with Cover5 qt.$8.25
Thermal Server with Cover6 qt.$9.00
Stock Pots24 qt.$6.60
32 qt.$8.75
40 qt.$11.00
Plastic Pitcher60 oz.$1.75
Thermal Coffee Servers36 oz>$2.50
Stainless Steel Wine Bucket$5.50
Stainless Steel Wine Bucket with Stand$6.75
Utensils:Serving Spoon$1.00
Perforated Serving Spoon$1.00
6 oz. Ladles$0.90
Plastic Serving Spoon$0.90
Utility Tongs$0.90
Plastic Bus Tubs$1.75
Knife & Cake Server$6.50


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